Do you invest? Well let us pay you for you opinions!

We are a market research firm. We are exploring how and why people invest.  

We will pay:  

  • $35 for a self-paced survey:  Complete a 15 minute self-paced web survey on your opinions of financial services firms.  Receive a $35 Amazon eGift certificate.  
  • $200 for a remote moderated interview: Have a one-hour conversation with a market researcher via a web-conferencing tool.  Receive your $200 payment as a check.  

Enter your info below to get started.  


What do you do with my information? 

We use your information to determine which research project will be the best fit for you. In addition to this financial project, we conduct research on technology, home buying, health, and other topics.  We do not sell your information to 3rd parties. 

When and how do I get paid for a self-paced survey? 

We pay with a $35 Amazon gift card.  You will receive your gift card electronically no more than 4 business days after you complete your survey.  

When and how do I get paid for a moderated interview?  

Moderated interviews are paid via check.  Upon completion of your interview, the check is mailed within 5 business days.  

What are the technical requirements?  

The web based surveys only require a computer and browser.  The remote moderated interviews require you to join the session using a screen sharing tool, such as WebEx.  If your computer is unable to connect, you cannot participate and will not be paid.  

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